Fuel Your Fire Endurance Race Recon Information

Who wants to win $10 this month or $100 Amazon Gift Card this quarter? There’s a catch, but you also get to be a contributing member of the endurance community in the process. Octane Athletics Training Systems is DETERMINED to create the internet’s best repository for endurance race recon information.

The vision is a place where you can go to search for information from people just like you about the races you’re thinking about doing. Say you’re thinking about doing the Dallas Athletes Disco X50 next year? You can head to the site and lookup the race and see what people who have raced it say about it. Ironman races… Ultra marathons… Your favorite Bike Rally. There is a place for it.

All you have to do is answer the few quick questions below. Fill in all the blanks and please be thorough. As if you are going to be coming back searching this later (because you probably will). We’re going to draw from the the folks that submit every month for a $10 Amazon gift card and we’ll draw for $100 Amazon gift card every quarter.

YES. YOU CAN SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE… and every time you submit one you get a spot in the prize drawing. This repository is only as good as the information we put into it. We want as many as we can get and multiples for the same race is great! Let’s be good about the info we submit.

Did you like the venue? It was run really well? Was it well supported? Was it spectator friendly? Was it beautiful? That kind of stuff.

Race Day

What did you think of the swim overall? Things to consider... water cleanliness, sighting, buoy placement, buoy frequency, visibility, type of start.
What did you think of the bike overall? Things to consider... road conditions, course topology, course layout.
What did you think of the run overall? Things to consider... course conditions, course topology, course layout.
Be as detailed as you can. The more you share, the better the information is for the folks considering the race. Remember that this system is only as valuable as the information we as a community share about the races.

Other SUPER Important Stuff

In other words... give us your address please and thank you.