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Grand Tri Weekend International Triathlon in Grand Prairie, TX

Race Type: Triathlon
Distance: Olympic
Entry Fee: $99

Overall Rating:

Why they rated as such:

It is a nice little local race. It is very basic, no real swag (other than race t-shirt), but the folks who run it are very nice and seem to enjoy hosting the race. It’s also very very small. Only about 50 people did the entire international distance, which means almost everyone gets a podium spot, but it’s not very competitive. The race takes place in Lynn Creek Park, which is nice and open, but not very spectator friendly. Nothing around and lots of bugs. But the entry fee is reasonable, it’s a good opportunity to race, and the people – athletes, organizers, and spectators – were all fantastic. So overall, it gets a good review. But if you’re looking for a competitive race with a lot of people, well-funded, and lots of swag, this isn’t for you. If you just want to practice some race skills, or want to take part in a very casual environment, this works great.

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Swim Course Rating:
Bike Course Rating:
Run Course Rating:

Course Details:

This was a very flat and fast course. The bike course is smooth and well-paved, and takes riders on a bridge that goes over the lake, which is pretty and scenic. The international course in 2016 was a 3-loop track because of construction, but initially it was expected to be 2-loop course. The roads were open to traffic but they were well protected and there was barely any traffic out on the roads. The run course is 2 loops through a mostly tree-lined path in the park. Although it was cloudy in 2016 (and rained out in 2015), if it was sunny, there would be a decent amount of shade. The swim course is short and relatively calm. A little wake, but not much.


Weather Details:

Cloudy and muggy.

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Other Comments:


SWAG Rating: 2
About the SWAG:

There was only a cotton t-shirt and podium finishers only got a small medal that didn’t even have the name of the event, date, or place on it.


Spectator Friendliness Rating: 3
Spectator Comments:

Multiple loops on the run and two loops on the swim made it relatively spectator friendly. When I was on the run, my support crew was able to run alongside me for a while, too. The only reason I gave it a “3” instead of a “4” was because it’s in the middle of a park and there is nothing around. No food trucks, drink vendors, coffee, etc. So pretty boring if you’re a spectator.

Submitted by: Rusty O’Kane

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