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TexasMan X50 in Valley View, TX

Race Type: Triathlon
Distance: X-50

Overall Rating:

Why they rated as such:

This race has been super solid for the last several years that I have done it. Good course, great volunteers.

Did they travel?

Did travel impact their race?


Swim Course Rating:
Bike Course Rating:
Run Course Rating:

Course Details:

The swim was long this year. Most people that I have talked to had the swim around 2000 yards, when it was projected to be 1760, so around 240 yards long. The water was super rough this year due to some wind coming over the lake which made sighting and drafting difficult.

Bike course is 2 loops of rolling hills with chip seal on most of it.

Run is mostly shaded sidewalk running through the park. The run has some gradual elevation changes as it runs up and over the crest of a hill and back again. 2 loops again here.


Weather Details:

Weather was good. Slight breeze, high 60s at the start, low 80s at the finish. Caught some light rain out on the bike, but nothing crazy.

Was the weather normal? Yes


Link to Garmin/Polar/Etc. Course File: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1179651013
Other Comments:

No porta-potty on the run course?


SWAG Rating: 4
About the SWAG:

Cool small transition bag, great socks, race shirt. Wish the finisher’s medal had the correct race distance on it.


Spectator Friendliness Rating: 4
Spectator Comments:

Probably not realistic to see your athlete come out of the water and then go out on the bike, but the run loops offers the opportunity to see them a few times.

Submitted by: Avram Carter

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