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Disco Triathlon (Olympic) in Valley View, TX (DFW Area), TX

Race Type: Triathlon
Distance: Olympic
Entry Fee: $109

Overall Rating:

Why they rated as such:

Dallas Athletes Racing puts on great events. This one is no exception.

Did they travel?

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Swim Course Rating:
Bike Course Rating:
Run Course Rating:

Course Details:

Sandy beach start in a protected area is great. Usually not too much wind to affect the swim except this year it was more out of the east which got into the protected area a bit more than usual. They have an X-50 distance and sprint distance at the same time, so it is well attended with many folks in all of the waves. This keeps folks on the swim longer so if your slower in the water, you have a good chance to have some additional folks in the water with you to draft and sight off of.

Bike course is mostly flat / rolling terrain. No big hills. Keep your effort under control on the uphills and the course is pretty simple. Because there are 3 separate distances racing, you have to make sure you make the correct turns and turnarounds for your distance on the bike. It isn’t complicated – just have to pay attention. Because this race is a ways out of the DFW populated area, it is a great ride with very little traffic. I think I only saw 3 vehicles on the road during the ride.

Run course, like the bike course had the 3 separate distances going. It is a 2 loop run which is nice for the 2nd loop to know exactly where you are and gauge and plan your efforts toward the end. Also, it is in a state park with lots of trees so there is shade to be found on the run in many of the areas. Because of the multiple distances, you really have to pay attention to the proper turns/turnarounds for on the run – it is a bit more complicated with some of the turnarounds for separate distances very close to each other.


Weather Details:

Warm, but not too hot. Usual race date in June and this date in September are both not wetsuit legal because the water is too warm.

Was the weather normal? No


Link to Garmin/Polar/Etc. Course File: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/904728379
Other Comments:

T1 and T2 are together in the same parking lot…the same heavily chip sealed rough rock top parking lot! My “not so pro” tip – if your transition rack is on the lake side of the parking lot, break the normal rule of getting closer to the bike out/run out lane and get to the far inside (dead end side) of the rack. There is a regular concrete sidewalk to that end of the rack and you don’t have to run barefoot out of the swim to your bike across the PAINFUL parking lot. May cost you a few seconds on your transition but your feet will really thank you for it!


SWAG Rating: 5
About the SWAG:

I’m about the racing, but DAR does a pretty good job of mixing up their SWAG bags so they aren’t identical at every one of their races.


Spectator Friendliness Rating: 4
Spectator Comments:

great swim venue and the sandy beach is great for kids to play before, during, and after the race. 2 loops on the run provides 2 opportunities for friends and family to see you. Bike…not really much viewing opportunities on this course. Multiple loops on the run do provide you the chance to see more of your friends that are also racing so you can encourage and pump each other up. Or like me, have Randy in your sights and use him as your carrot to chase down as the run is coming to the finish.

Submitted by: Jeff Paschal

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