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Dirty Kanza in Emporia, KS

Race Type: Cycling
Distance: >100 Miles
Entry Fee: $140

Overall Rating:

Why they rated as such:

200 miles of open gravel roads in Kansas, much better than it sounds. Ride through open range ranches see the Kansas that you don’t see while driving on the main highways or from what you’ve seen from The Wizard of Oz. The 200 mile option is THE option, however there are 100 and 50 mile options. A cyclocross bike is recommended, but a mountain bike would work too. This is NOT as road or TT/Tri bike kind of race. Beat the sun or ride for fun, dollar per mile, this race beats them all, especially any Mdot race.

Did they travel?

Did travel impact their race?

Drove, straight up I-35 and came down via 75. Nice chill drive, take a pit stop in OKC or Tulsa, once you get into Kansas there’s not much.


Swim Course Rating:
Bike Course Rating:
Run Course Rating:

Course Details:

99% gravel roads, if it rains, it’s a bitch, if it’s in the 80s like when I did it, record breaking speeds. Make sure you can work on your bike, bring lots of liquids and calories and some spare parts. There are rest stops every 50 miles that your sherpa can drive to and meet you to resupply you. A GPS would be good to have too. I ran Zipp 808s with 700×32 tires and I should have bumped up the tires to 35c, psi was 50ish and I ran Challenge Grifos on the back which are great and some Conti Cyclo King which wasn’t so great


Weather Details:

Perfect, though for 2013 and 2015 the weather and course conditions were less than stellar.

Was the weather normal? No


Link to Garmin/Polar/Etc. Course File: https://www.strava.com/activities/148582107/embed/4e45a1eca5f2865f65560267fc7bb3cc6ecca6f1
Other Comments:

This is nothing like the Collin Classic or even the Ironman I did.


SWAG Rating: 5
About the SWAG:

Had I made it to the end, all you can drink local beer, T shirt is soft, pint glass for registering, pint glass for finishing


Spectator Friendliness Rating: 1
Spectator Comments:

A 200 mile loop with 3 rest stops is not spectator friendly, though they do have athlete tracking and I used the Garmin live track so folks could watch me. My Sherpa enjoyed driving to each rest stop though.

Submitted by: Harvey Stearns La Seur IV

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