Five “Off-Season” Tips for the Triathlete

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Five "Off-Season" Tips for the TriathleteFor those of us in the south and southwest, we’re a lucky bunch living in a part of the world where the weather is fairly mild throughout the winter. This allows us to train a bit more than others can. With that said, we do have an off-season and it’s a great idea to take some of the sharp focus off of the training during this time and spend some quality time doing other things and reflecting. As a triathlete, consider these five things to spend time on this off-season that will make for better seasons going forward:

  1. Focus on your friends and Family – We spend a ton of time away from those that love and care about us. It’s now time to focus more time on them. We all need a great support crew behind us to have a successful season.
  2. Sit down and assess the season that just ended – I wrote a white paper a few weeks ago that can help you do just that. Download it and fill it out. You can then get with your coach to discuss what you documented so that you can put together a good list of things to do to make improvements for next season. This exercise can also help you…
  3. Identify Future Goals – Jot down some challenging, but attainable goals you may want to take on next season. Use the output of tip #2 to help you. Once you have a list of potential goals put together….
  4. Research some races/create a schedule – Do you want to do a race out of town? Where? When? What will the costs be (time, money, etc.)? Do they serve your goals?
  5. Maintain your fitness in a fun way – Instead of the Tri or road bike, get on the Mountain Bike. Instead of pounding the pavement, go run the trails. Do these with or without the watch and heart rate monitor. Instead of triathlon specific strength training, head to the Crossfit Box or go do some yoga.

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