8 Weeks to IronMom: Prologue

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Name: Jaleen Seshadri
Occupation: wife, mom, triathlon coach, classical musician
Project: chronicle the next 8 weeks of training and life, and count down to Ironman Louisville

Type-A girl here. I need lists. I need goals, so no wonder the sport of triathlon suits me. My family of 4 relocated to the Cincinnati area this past Christmas, and it was….challenging. I use triathlon to keep me steady. Maintain a routine. Fight off the depression, that’s always waiting around the corner. Before our move up here, from Dallas, I made sure to register for a race in Ohio so I would have a goal. I registered for the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Ohio, on August 21, 2016, and so my training and A-race was set….until it wasn’t.
Yesterday, (Tuesday, August 9, 12 days before race day) I decided to pull out of IM 70.3 Ohio (I’ve never pulled out of a race before, except that one time Elisa and I bailed on a 1/2 Marathon to go get donuts…but you know…#priorities), and as soon as I did it, I knew it was the right call. I realized years ago that I can’t do it all, and on this particular situation, my family needed me more than my race. Registering and transitioning a 7 and 5 year old into a new environment and new schools had turned our household into crazy-town. Something had to give, and I can always find another race—-I’ll never get back my daughter, Anna’s first week of kindergarten. #familyfirst
After many phone calls to my people (husband, coach, mom and 2 bffs) I was validated that it was the right call. Then the crazy talk started: I don’t want to “waste” all my training so far this year (because I’m gonna be honest, I’ve kinda been killing it) so obviously I should register for another race….oh look, IM LOUISVILLE is still open, the date looks good (the crazy should be settled down by then), the course has my name written all over it (cool weather, wetsuit legal, flat run, spectator friendly, less than 2 hours away)…but wait, this is a FULL IRONMAN (never done one before)….can we work this training out in 8 1/2 weeks? HELLS YEA, WE CAN. So, after chatting again with my husband (to really make sure he’s on board with what’s coming) and my Coach (Coach Dave Jimenez) to be COMPLETELY sure that I’m not just having low blood sugar and that we really can get our training properly lined up to finish 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling, and 26.2 mile of running in less than the 16 1/2 hour cutoff (because IM Louisville starts later in the morning, the cutoff is 16 1/2 hours, not the usual 17 hours of most other Ironman races)…and my Mom (of course)…I pulled out the AMEX and racked up more miles on that baby….Ironman Louisville, 2016…GAME.ON.
Thus, this project was born. Mostly for my Type-A self, but also for friends, family, and athletes who ask: how do you manage life while training for an Ironman (I don’t know yet!)? what do you feed your family (clean, awesome food)? what’s on your training docket (everything)? doesn’t your butt hurt (always)? I will be tired. And cranky sometimes. AND VERY HUNGRY. But I also commit to not quit during those times, either, and to always maintain an extreme sense of gratitude, and I am just so freaking thankful to begin this journey today. *Jaleen*

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