8 WEEKS TO IRONMOM: DAY 1 (this is for reals)

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Day 1: Ironman Louisville training is a big, fat GO and I’m laying it ALL out:

Age: 36
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 136 lbs

Coach Dave probably stayed up ALL night re-writing my training plan and I’m committed to getting it right. After my usual 2 cups of coffee and Today Show fix, I head upstairs to get geared up to get on the trainer. My intention was to be on the bike by 8:30 am.
Gabriel (7): “hey Mom, check out this amber I’m cleaning, I think it has a dinosaur bug in it!”
Anna (5): “hey Mom, I REALLY need you to see this village I made in my room, i used the paper plate from my waffles from breakfast!”
Yohji (15 year old, calico cat)…..blehhhhh…..(barfs….on the carpet, because puking on the hard floor is way too convenient)

Actual time I get on the trainer: 10am.

The next 90 minutes went fast thanks to a beautiful thing called HBOGO. I decided to treat myself to an unknown series called Game of Thrones (you’ve probably never heard of it), and started with Season 1, episode 1…WINTER IS COMING.

Planned Training: 1:30 on bike, 3×16/4 Zone 3 Intervals
Completed Training: 1:30:02; 25.2 miles (including warm-up and cool down) #nailedit

So, I felt strong this morning, finished up in the pain cave (basement), downed a protein shake (with almond butter) and headed to Costco. I have enough foresight to know that these next 8 weeks Mama is gonna be tired, so while I am not so tired I can prep some freezer meals to stock up during my whiney and tired days. Bonus: I can feed both kiddos at Costco for $3. #winning

Walked out of Costco like a boss, and less than $200…the kids were helpful and polite to all the free sample ladies, and Gabriel even offered to help me load the car (he was my favorite today).

The next 2 days will be devoted to chopping, prepping and bagging several freezer meals that I know work for my training and that my family will eat.

On the line-up:
chicken adobo
chicken tortilla soup (x2)
pork posole (x2)
garlic roasted pork loin
italian turkey meatballs
red peppers with turkey stuffing
korean beef (x2)
lemon garlic shrimp
chicken enchiladas

Rounded out Day 1 with getting this project going. Goals for future postings will be: keep it short, add juicy training details, possible recipes. It’s happening, y’all. #grateful

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