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In this episode, Coach Dave discusses setbacks and how to deal with them. They can come in many ways.. injuries or health related issues, time constraints, family emergencies, etc. When they come up, how you deal with them is important. Dave speaks from experience having gone through many in his years in the sport, from a DNF at IRONMAN Canada in 2014 to most recently, an injury that has cost him from competing at the Cowtown 50K and IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder this season.

In the second segment, Dave discusses consistency. It’s arguably the most important part of training and racing. Recently, Dave had a conversation with a friend and athlete who was not only doing their workouts, but they were over-training. The athlete was not understanding how their over-training was a bad thing, then Coach Dave explained that it’s inconsistent and impacts everything following that session. It clicked with the athlete and things have improved. The bottom line is that consistency works both ways, you have to do your training and not skip or miss sessions too often and you have to resist the temptation to do more work than what is in the plan.

Finally, Dave spends a few minutes discussing the endurance community. In Dallas/Fort-Worth, there is a very strong community; one where clubs and coaching groups generally do a great job at working together. There are certainly a couple of exceptions, but on the whole, it’s a fantastic community. If you feel as if your community isn’t what you would like it to be, take it upon yourself to help to create it. It’s can be as simple as creating a Facebook page to get area athletes talking and inviting each other to train together. Start there, then see where it goes. Keep the overall theme positive, inclusive and fun and before you know it, it’ll be huge. The Fuel Your Fire Running and Triathlon Facebook Group has nearly 500 people at this point and would welcome you to join.

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