Episode 51: Ironfire is ON | Nutrition Planning Tips | Slider…. You Stink! | Bike Trainer Apps

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Episode 51: Ironfire is ON | Nutrition Planning Tips | Slider…. You Stink! | Bike Trainer Apps

In this episode we talk about Ironfire starting up. People are killing it with #Ironfire2016. We have at least two people that have almost finished the 140.6 miles already and we’re only 6 days in. Ironfire is global. There are 160 people going for it from 5 different countries including the US, Sweden, The Netherlands, The UK, Mexico and Canada. Registration is closed for this time around, but stay tuned because we’ve got more where this came from!

For today’s discussion we talk about three topics…

  1. Ideas for keeping your nutrition in check.
  2. How to deal with your workout gear when your “stink” lingers around after a good washing.
  3. Some of the Bike Trainer Apps out there and why we like them.

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