Train with the best group of coaches and athletes around. From weekly Master’s Swim to Speed Workouts at the Track to the best coached Open Water Swim sessions in North Texas to free clinics and seminars to expand your endurance education. It’s all included!

Join us today with a one-time payment of $79 for the entire 2017 Triathlon Season.

It’s worth it for the Open Water Swim Training alone. Our Open Water Swims are safe and fun. Everything you need to master your skills is there. Large race-sized buoys, a safe environment complete with Red Cross Certified Open Water Lifeguards, coaches on shore leading workouts and observing on stand-up paddle boards. Race fueling before and after each workout provided by Gatorade Endurance.

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Here’s what a few athletes think about our Open Water Swims:

“I felt comfortable and safe in the water surrounded by great coaches! It has really helped me learn what I need to do to be successful in Open Water races.”Anna
“Octane OWS is a must. They have many folks in the water to keep you safe and the Coaches are great at simulating race conditions and getting us to push ourselves in the water. Back in the beginning this was ESSENTIAL for getting me used to the feel of an OW Race. And Coach Dave was there my first time making me feel safe in the water with great beginner’s advice. There is no question to the value this brings.”Jeff
“I drove from Tulsa just to come to an OWS! It was very well organized with lifeguards on paddle boards out in the water and buoys to swim to. It was an excellent experience!”Melissa
“Very well organized and safe. Welcomes all levels of swimmers. Allows you to practice entry, swim, sighting, and pacing with experienced coaches. I was a little worried about who was in the water next to me, as in snakes and fish, not athletes. It was much better than I anticipated and invaluable for race prep.“Michelle A.
“Well organized and first time OWS friendly! If you have been training/racing in pools and are nervous about OWS, you will enjoy the OATS approach because they have a beginner session to teach you the basics to build your confidence.”Chris
“Fun and supportive for newbies and experienced swimmers. Would be good to have team bike ride and/or run afterwards and I know that’s being planned.“Monica
“Organized, Safe, Competitive.”Steve
“Very organized, not just a swim but a purpose.”Amber
“OWS is always amazing with the Octane coaches there to support you and push you to be well prepared for your A race! Totally safe too!”Michelle
“Last summer was my entrance into the tri world so I have nothing with which to compare. But, I loved the OATS OWS sessions. Divided abilities with lots of peeps in both groups so you never felt like you were the only
one learning. No egos. I always felt safe even tho it was totally new to me. Good info shared and Worked on race style entrance. Different concepts covered sesh to sesh. Highly recommend!!”Jenny
“Great experience a must do!!! Will definitely help your confidence if you are doing a tri with open water for the first time.”Andre

Go ahead and join, you’ll be glad you did!

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