Did you know #2 – How to treat yourself to RecoveryPump greatness for little to no money!

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RecoveryPump-HorizontalBannerRecovery Pump is the sponsor for this short “did you know” episode.

Go to recoverypump.com and use the code: OCTANE. You get a $25 shipping credit and either a $50 or $150 Gift Card when you order your Recovery Pump System.

The last “did you know” episode can be found HERE. In that episode, the tip saved you hundreds on the purchase of your new bike.

In this episode…

The end of the year is coming up quickly. One thing that many people overlook is the use of their “use it or lose it” medical flex spending accounts, so in the episode we share a fairly cool idea on how you can spend those remaining funds in a way that can benefit you for years to come.

Do you have a medical flex spending account? Do you want a Recovery Pump System for little to no additional money out of pocket? Here is what you do…

  • Go to RecoveryPump.com
  • Identify the System you want
  • Call Insurance company and get conditional approval because you need the boots for recovery and to improve circulation
  • Go to your family doctor and tell them that you have conditional approval from insurance and that you need the boots for recovery and to improve circulation. He or she knows you’re a badass endurance athlete, so they will write you a prescription for the boots to keep you healthy.
  • Find out how much you have left in your company medical flex spending account.
  • Order the boots using the OCTANE Promo Code from Recovery Pump and pay for them with your medical flex spending account card.
  • Turn in the receipt with the prescription to your insurance and get reimbursed whatever they will cover.
  • Enjoy your Recovery Pump for years to come.

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