Octane Athletics Training Systems is Endurance Coaching taken to a COMPLETELY different level and our standard of service is unrivaled in the industry.

At the very core of Octane Athletics Training Systems is ‘partnership’ and we take that partnership with our athletes very seriously. You, as the athlete, will align with a coach who works alongside you and collaborates with you from the start. From the very beginning of your journey toward crossing the finish line at the race of your dreams, the Octane coaches are with you every step of the way.

Octane Athletics Training Systems takes this athlete collaboration it a step further by offering the athlete a TEAM of coaches and staff to interact with based on very specific needs. This “all hands on deck” approach is another unique aspect of our coaching and every Octane coach and staff member is available to every Octane client. Each Octane coach and staff member have a deep knowledge and expertise in their specific areas of focus. There’s no “mile wide and inch deep” with this team. These coaches are experts, have the credentials and track record to prove it, and continue to deliver.

There’s no resource more valuable to people than time. It’s finite. Our balanced approach to endurance training makes the most out of every second that our athletes spend training. There are no junk miles here; every mile has a purpose.


You can either keep reading to learn more about the coaches and staff that make up this uber-talented and collaborative coaching staff, or you can skip to the best part and sign up for coaching by checking out the coaching packages.

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Our Keys to Success…


Most coaching groups are businesses within a business. Each coach has their own business to run so the depth of knowledge is limited to what that coach knows. At Octane, our business plan is one that fosters collaboration, so every one of our athletes has their own coach that they engage with, but they also have the comfort in knowing that the knowledge and experiences of the other coaches and staff are available and WILL be brought to bare to ensure that the athletes are successful. We have coaches specializing in performance testing, performance bike fitting, strength training, recovery, video swim and run analysis.

Copy of Communication

In order to balance life with sport, there must be clear and regular communication between the athlete and their coach. Our approach is more high touch than any other endurance coaching groups out there. We check in more regularly. We know when our athletes are ill and when their work plate gets too full. This regular communication allows us to quickly pivot as life responsibilities change. Our athletes can be successful with their athletic goals while maintaining BALANCE in the other areas of their life. Work and home life cannot suffer.


Endurance coaching is science married with art. To that end, Octane coaches work closely with their athletes to monitor their training progress using the most advanced tools available in the industry. We cut no corners where that is concerned. That’s the science part of what we do. The artful part is having the knowledge and experience to know, based upon communication or what we see in the data, that something is going on with the athlete so that we can make the changes necessary for balance and success. We are focused on developing the athlete both physically, spiritually and mentally.If you are looking to simply finish your first race (that you once thought you could never do), or you are on a journey to qualify for something as epic as the Boston Marathon, the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike or Ultra Run, or Ironman World Championships, Octane Athletics Training Systems is the right choice for you!