Episode 48: Beginner/Experienced Athlete Gift ideas | Randy’s Sweet Deal Picks | Training Over the Holidays | Octane Athletics Training Systems Announcement

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Gift Ideas for Beginner Triathletes:

New goggles – Nothing worse than cheap goggles that leak. It’s a low cost way to make a big impact on your triathlete. Dave likes the TYR Special Ops 2.0 Transition Goggles because they are photochromatic so you only need one pair for indoor/hazy day or outdoor/sunny day. They’re only $23.27 a pair right now on Amazon.

A good Bike tool – Trust us… they need one. I like the Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function). It’s 27.99 on Amazon and it’s small enough to fit in the saddle bag, a jersey pocket or even in the bento box.

Bike Trainer – It’s the winter and even down in Texas we spend a lot of time on the trainer. CycleOps Mag+ Trainer w/Adjuster would be what I would get if I were buying now. It’s on Amazon for $175.99.

Gift Ideas for experienced Triathletes:

Book – How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle by Matt Fitzgerald. Almost every athlete I talk to wants to know how to get better with their mental game. Matt’s book does that. It’s around $15 on Amazon.

Coaching – That’s right… pop for their coach. If they haven’t had one, give them a month or two of coaching to get them started. It should cost between $150 and $500 dependent on the coach and the services they include.

Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer – This is a computer or smartphone/tablet controlled resistance trainer (http://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/wahoo-kickr-powertrainer.html). This will take your loved one’s training to another level. Add a ZWIFT (http://zwift.com/) account and you turn training into a competitive video game. Kickrs are available at your best local bike shop, like Tri Shop and retail for about $1,200.

Randy’s Top Holiday Weekend Deals

TomTom Multisport – $99.00 33% off. If you don’t have a GPS watch and you are on a budget, this is a no brainer.  This model was my first multisport watch and it packs a lot of features-even at the retail price- for the money.  It doesn’t support power meters but has an easy interface and at $99 this is less expensive than some stand alone heart rate monitors and run-only GPS watches.  Note that it doesn’t come with a heart rate strap or monitor but see below.

Jarv Bluetooth Smart HR Monitor – $30.

This low cost Bluetooth smart HR monitor will work with your Tomtom devices and iPhones, and a multitude of other devices.  I haven’t personally tested this device but at $30 and buying through Amazon with their liberal return policy, you probably can’t go wrong here if you are looking for a low cost GPS solution.

Garmin Heart Rate Run $40 which is 60% off. If you need a replacement for your Garmin devices, I’ve never seen the Garmin HR Run this cheap.

Fenix 3 $100 off Watch and Watch Bundles. The latest release of the Fenix 3 includes almost all of the 920’s multisport features and includes a ton of features that any outdoorsman will find useful.

Garmin Vivofit GPS Smartwatch $169/199 32% off. This very capable activity and GPS device will cover most needs with the exception of a full blown multisport mode.  If you’ve already got an Ant + HR monitor then you don’t need to buy the bundle.

Withings Smart Scales $69/$99 Normally $99/$159

Randy pulled the trigger on the WS-50 Scale on Friday.  Right now it looks like the WS-50 scales are sold out because Randy can only find them for $149.  He paid $99.  However, the WS-30 is still available at $69 which is the lowest these scales have ever been.  Both scales will sync with Training Peaks, MyFitnessPal, and a cornucopia of other apps.  Connects through your wireless home network.

Wahoo 20% off any 1 item with coupon code TURKEY:  Note, not valid on any trainers, ELEMNT, or RFLKT. Available on Wahoo’s site.  Ends Sunday, Nov 29th.  Although this doesn’t cover trainers, it will cover the Tickr which is probably the most versatile HR monitor on the market.  Transmitting in both Bluetooth Smart and Ant +, this device can cover all your bases if you have a mix of Garmin and Bluetooth devices such as a 920XT and a Wahoo Kickr or Snap.  I pulled the trigger on this one myself over the weekend.

Training Peaks 25% off annual premium membership (Code: 25ST15)

Best Bike Split 35% off annual membership  (Code: PREM35)

Cowtown Marathon Races (Code: BF16SATCM $10 off K Races and BF16SUNCM $20 off Marathon distances)

Training Over the Holidays

Most important thing is to stay moving.

Something is always better than nothing.

Now is a really great time to be keying on your areas you need to improve. We’d bet for many of the folks out there strength is an area that they can focus on. Work on your swim technique. These are indoor activities so there isn’t any excuse for not doing them. On the bike and run, slow things down. Work Zone 2 (base building efforts now). That will get your aerobic engine finely tuned and will give you a jump start for 2016.

If you are doing an early season A-Race. Get with your coach NOW to get the plan laid out for that. (Galveston example)

We’ve found with everything going on around this time of year waking up and training in the morning is really the only way that I can guarantee that it gets done.

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