Episode 30: Coffee vs. Heroin | Normatec VP lashes out | Bike Power | How we use all the metrics we get from our tech

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CoffeeThis one starts off with a bang. Randy recovers from his “Gas Guzzler” suggestion with podcast gold arguing that H eclipses Coffee in terms of its addictive properties. This show note editor found it hilarious when I listened. The guys then discuss some backlash and a slight lack of professionalism exhibited by Normatec VP Kristian Pearson following our side-by-side between RecoveryPump and Normatec. The Octane guys kept it professional with Mr. Pearson offering for him to join the show to discuss Normatec in greater detail. This is the third such invite that was made to Normatec. We shall see where that goes. In the meantime, listen to Episode 29 to get full coverage on the recovery boot challenge we did between RecoveryPump and Normatec. Randy discusses taking the Colorado pancake challenge. See the attached pictures to get an idea of this thing. The last segment of the show is some Q&A about Power Meters and how coaches look at and use metrics like heart rate, cadence, power, etc.

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