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Just getting started
as an Endurance Athlete & want training buddies?


The Club is made up of coaches, staff & athletes here pride themselves on inclusiveness and sharing their knowledge.

A great way to start in triathlon or endurance sports is to JOIN the OCTANE CLUB. Do so now for $79 for the entire 2018 season.


Experienced Endurance Athlete Looking for an Edge?

That’s Perfect!

Our Purposeful method of Coaching offers a comprehensive approach to endurance training & racing.

Your endurance goals & journey are fluid & require balance, your coaching strategy needs align with that to achieve those goals...


What does fluid, balanced
endurance training look like?

Having success with respect to your endurance goals requires focused,
effective programs that take the guesswork out of your training.

  • Specificity is Key

    There are so many paths that athletes can take toward their endurance goals. The options are almost limitless. A tailored approach based on athlete fitness and goals has proven to be the most effective way to train.

  • Communication and Collaboration

    These foundational principles aid and assist in our ability to keep athletes consistently improving their performance, healthy, and balanced.

  • Deep, Specific Expertise

    Each OATS Staff Member is available to every athlete and brings the most current research, technology and training techniques to the table to ensure our athletes reach near-term and long-term goals.

  • Quality is the Key

    We help you get the most out of the time you spend training with an emphasis on high-quality, effective training sessions.

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